Who is Devine Alchemy?

Hi! If you don’t know me, I’m Devon Devine.

(yes, that is my real name)

I am a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. I am not your healer. Think of me as your spiritual midwife. I assist you in awakening YOUR inner healer. I comfort and guide you while you walk your own path of direct experience.

This work is about you releasing your own traumas and suppressed emotions; connecting to your own guides and highest self.

I am here to help you do your work.

I’ve been where you are. I was stuck in my victim mentality, which fueled the unhealthy self-destructive whirlwind that became my life. It took years before I could even acknowledge anything was wrong, and even then I didn’t know exactly what.

My quest for healing my physical, mental and emotional bodies took me all over the map literally and figuratively. The mountains of life altering literature that were gifted to me by strangers while I travelled across Australia, New Zealand and Central America led me to a Holistic Health Coach certification and yoga training in Northern California, and a Raw Food Chef certificate in Bali. But, equally as important were all the things I learned in between from the healers, gurus, shamans, sages and wisdom keepers I met along the way that helped me find my path.

Then one fateful day, that path led me to Star Wolf, to the Breath, and EVERYTHING changed. It took everything that was in me and laid it out right in front of my eyes. I had nowhere to hide.

All of the trauma I had buried deep inside, all of the pieces of my soul I had cut away, all of the feelings I had never acknowledged slowly made their way to the surface to be dealt with one by one.

I danced with my shadow. I found my worth. I found my heart. I found my voice. I found my power.

I experienced massive transformation and huge shifts of perspective that rippled throughout my entire reality. All of the shit I had been carrying around turned into fresh new soil for my growth. I began to truly love my Self and see others and the world around me in a whole new light.

I couldn’t believe that something as simple as breathing could be so metamorphic. So simple, yet so innately powerful. I knew that this was the work I was meant to share with the world. I studied directly with Linda Star Wolf, the creator of Shamanic Breathwork, and it is with her blessings I am sharing it with you now.


I am assisted in service by my life partner, Robb.

Robb has always had an affinity for music. At the age of 12 he mastered the cello, and by 18 he had added bass, mandolin, and percussion to his repertoire. His healing journey took him from Texas where he learned the medicine of music, to Hawaii where he learned the true meaning of “aloha” and became deeply connected with the Earth and his cosmic guides. In the past few years, he has taken a deep dive into the study of sound as medicine, and as an empathic Biofield Tuning practitioner, he will clear and move energetic blocks as they arise during your journey.

Robb creates the mixes that we use for our shamanic journeys. Each of these mixes are attuned to the chakras to enhance and guide your shamanic experience.

you have what it takes.

We can help you get there.