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Are you ready to make some radical shifts?

Private sessions get DEEP! Nothing beats one-on-one attention, focus, and intention. Many people feel more secure knowing they are in a space free of judgement and distraction. Our unique process empowers you to dive deep into your subconscious to unveil the magic of who you truly are. If you feel like you would benefit from privacy and extra support in making some major breakthroughs, this intuitive session will create an environment that will enable you to have the most cathartic experience possible.

The whole session takes around 3 hours. We begin by creating sacred space for you, setting your journey’s intention, and aligning your energy centers with a somatic tuning fork session. Once your mind is focused and your body is attuned, we guide you into an hour-long Shamanic Breathwork journey. When you return we provide you with safe solitude to begin your liminal processing period; a time to materialize your subconscious through artistic expression. We return to facilitate constructive analysis of your experience. Our ceremony is concluded with a second BioField Tuning Session focused on your auric trigger points revealed by the Breathwork to solidify your transformation. We leave you with personal affirmations and a self-care checklist to help rewire your neural pathways so you can clearly manifest the reality you desire.

Do you desire to:

  • Transcend toxic life traps (fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and addictions)

  • Heal trauma and make peace with the past (birth and childhood traumas, past relationships, and traumatic experiences)

  • Create personal breakthroughs (navigating times of change in career, relationships, lifestyle and spiritual understandings)

  • Meet new spiritual milestones (connection to your heart, higher self, spirit guides and beyond)

  • Level up your life (increase creativity, manifestation, and get clear on your next steps forward)

Then we would love to share this medicine with you!